5 x DIY Handy Sacks

DIY Handy

Handy Sacks 50cm x 50cm x 100cm
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Handy Sacks 50cm x 50cm x 100cm
VIP In House
(3 - 15 Days)
Express Courier
(Within 3 days)
5 x Handy Sacks
Regular Price£305.00
You Pay£280.00
  • Hand Packed FirewoodTightly Hand Packed
  • Cut to 25cmCut to 20/25cm (+/- 5%) & split
  • 200 LogsApprox. 100 logs per sack
  • Easy to moveCan be moved with Sack Barrow
  • Free DeliveryFree Delivery

Product Description

5 x handy sacks of tightly packed hardwood in 50cm x 50cm x 100cm poly bags, equivalent to 2 cubic meters of loose packed firewood

Want a project that will save you money?

Dry It Yourself Woodland Blend is our lowest-priced firewood product per cubic meter and is the perfect product if you are looking to save money and have the space and time to dry your own firewood. We’ve done all the hard work when it comes to cutting and splitting (as it comes cut and split). Simply unload it, let your artistic side take over and create beautiful stacks of firewood to dry naturally.

Compare our delivery methods

Welcome to our detailed comparison of firewood delivery services! Below, you will find a comprehensive table that clearly outlines the features and options available with our Express and VIP services. From delivery methods and timeframes to specific conditions and charges, we’ve laid out everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for quick delivery or more personalised service, our table will guide you through the unique benefits of each option, ensuring you choose the service that best suits your needs.

Service Express VIP
Is delivery made by an external courier?
Is it a personal delivery by our in-house team?
Can I receive my delivery within 3 days?
Can I receive my delivery within 3 – 20 working days?
Can I choose my delivery day?
Can I choose a Saturday delivery?
Can I have my firewood stacked?
Can you remove my old crate?
Delivery Restrictions
Will delivery be kerbside only?
Can I specify a drop area?
Can delivery be made on sloping ground?
Can delivery be made on gravel?
Do you require access equal to bin lorry?
Can you deliver with nobody home? (with instructions)
Do you have any height restrictions (trees, cables)?
Do you send me an SMS on day of delivery?
Do you send me a delivery time slot in advance?
Is my delivery day on my order confirmation?
Is there a redelivery fee if I miss my delivery slot?

How to Store Firewood

It is very important that once you have bought and had your firewood delivered that you are storing the logs in the best way.

It is vital that the logs are under cover, a log store or our jackets are ideal.

The logs need to be stored in a place where they are off the ground in a dry area where they can get good air flow. Good air flow is crucial as it moves the air preventing any moisture in the air to be absorb by the logs.

Jacket for Firewood Crate


Approx: Logs

Price: £70.00

Inc VAT & Free Delivery

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