Outdoor Colorado Iron Stainless Steel Rotisserie

Outdoor Colorado Iron Stainless Steel Rotisserie

Try our outdoor Colorado iron stainless steel rotisserie once and you'll never look back. Fully suitable for the outdoors this cooking tool will delight any alfresco chef, promising outstanding, succulent, roasted meat that'll be moist, tender and mouth-wateringly good. Bon app├ętit.

  • D98cm x W98cm x H17.5cm
  • Premium quality
  • Frost resistant
  • UV suitable
  • Iron/Stainless steel

Outdoor Colorado Iron Stainless Steel Rotisserie

Price: £99.00

How to Store Firewood

It is very important that once you have bought and had your firewood delivered that you are storing the logs in the best way.

It is vital that the logs are under cover, a log store or our jackets are ideal.

The logs need to be stored in a place where they are off the ground in a dry area where they can get good air flow. Good air flow is crucial as it moves the air preventing any moisture in the air to be absorb by the logs.

Jacket for Firewood Crate


Approx: Logs

Price: £99.00

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