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We offer quality air dried and kiln dried firewood throughout mainland UK. We are based in Suffolk, East Anglia, and we can deliver our Firewood throughout the IP and NR postcode areas. If you are not within these areas please visit our sister site which delivers nationwide If you would like to know more about our firewood please contact us via email or call us free on 0800 112 3469.


The modern chimeneas give a modern twist to the classic outdoor fireplaces.

Our chimeneas will find an illuminating focal point for your garden and outdoor area. They bring a new feel to garden parties and late summer nights. The robust iron construction, along with the choice of black or rust finishes perfect complement this piece. It is also UV and frost resistant and they have an integrated storage section for logs.

Although this product is intended for outdoor use, we highly recommended bringing inside in extreme. We also recommended the product is regularly emptied and cleaned to ensure you get the best out of your product.

The best wood to burn in fire pits, bowls and chimenea’s are hardwoods like Ash, Birch, and Alder. Head over to our firewood page to find the perfect match for your new garden piece

Firepits & Bowls

Inspired by traditional firepits and brought into a contemporary style, our firepits and bowls are a statement piece to add to your outdoor living space.

The designs are unique, frost proof, lightweight and UV stable – meaning they will not crack or disintegrate in the sun.

Making them perfect for all-year-round use.


These wicker baskets are made of natural wicker and are handwoven making these a completely unique design. A stylish and contemporary accessory to your home to store your logs and kindling inside.

Air Dried Hardwood Handy Sacks

Deluxe XL Crate

Sterling Silver XL Crate

Eco XL Crate

Air Dried Hardwood

Deluxe Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Logs

Sterling Silver Firewood Logs

Eco Firewood Logs

Deluxe Ash Handy Sacks

Sterling Silver Handy Sacks

Eco Handy Sacks

Air Dried Handy Sacks

Air Dried Log Nets

Deluxe Log Nets

Sterling Silver Log Nets

Eco Log Nets

Firewood Stores / Jackets

Firewood Stores / Jackets



Mixed Firewood Logs

Mixed Firewood Logs

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