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DIY Woodland Blend (Dry It Yourself)

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Want a project that will save you money?

Dry It Yourself Woodland Blend is our lowest-priced firewood product per cubic meter and is the perfect product if you are looking to save money, and have the space and time to dry your own firewood. We’ve done all the hard work as it comes cut and split. Simply unload it, let your artistic side take over and create beautiful stacks of firewood to dry naturally.

  • How is it delivered?

    Our dedicated in-house team will bring your product in our specialist trucks and unload, placing the product in your desired area with our specialist on-site pallet moving equipment.

    The product usually arrives on a pallet.

  • What should I do with the empty bags?

    Our Landscaping and tree surgery teams are always asking us for the bags as they are amazing for gardening, DIY projects, collecting waste and storing sand, soil etc. so we encourage you to re-use them where possible.

    If you don’t have a use for them, we will collect them when delivering your next order.

  • What species is the firewood?

    This product is a mix of high calorie hardwood such as ash, maple, oak, elm, birch, beech, hornbeam etc.

  • When will it be ready to burn?

    We advise that you remove the firewood from the sacks immediately and stack it undercover, with a good air flow and dry it to an average moisture content of below 20%. You will receive an easy-to-use moisture meter to check the moisture content. With good conditions you should be able to achieve this within 6months.

  • What should I look out for?

    Because this product is on its journey through a natural drying process, discolouration and mould may sometimes appear, but this should disappear as it is drying and will not affect the burning. Good air flow will dramatically reduce this possibility.

  • What size are the logs?

    DIY Woodland Blend is cut to an average of 25cm (with a +/- 5cm variation), spilt and will usually fit into a 30cm opening.

    Woodland Blend is sold as an undried product and is not ready to burn.

  • How are we helping the environment?

    DIY Woodland Blend comes from tree surgery operations and home-grown woodland timber. We are always looking for ways to improve the environment and what better way than to recycle, so help us to work towards a greener planet.

    At a time of energy shortages and an environmental emergency, waste just isn’t an option for our company.

"This wood is not suitable for burning until it has been dried. You should not burn wood until it has a moisture content of 20% or less.

"Wet wood contains moisture which creates smoke and harmful particulates when burnt. As well as being harmful to your health and the environment, this can damage your stove and chimney and is an inefficient way to heat your home. Dry it in a sunny, well-aired space for at least two years, keeping rain off in the winter.

"Radial cracks and bark that comes off easily suggests wood that is ready for burning. Test the wood when you think it is ready for burning, ideally with a moisture meter. First calibrate the meter and then measure a freshly split surface to get the best reading."

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